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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Love for jeans!!

I know I’m a little late, but at 20 years old I have found my love for jeans!
It took me a while but I now see what everyone has been talking about. I always thought they looked great on others but had never managed to find a pair that I felt nice or comfortable in.
I loved wearing boys baggy jeans when I thought I was a skater. Turns out I can’t skate.

I then spent years trying on bootleg, straight cut, skinny’s from Topshop that barely fit past my knee, high waisted flares etc.
The first pair of jeans I bought in 6 years, are a pair of black wet look coated (forgiving) skinny’s from H&M. £15, and they fit everywhere. They slide over my disproportionately large calves (that still haven’t disappeared since my day’s as a high jumper), and have quite a high waist which I have learned is the most flattering fit for my figure.

Since then I have been broadening my jeans horizon.
My favourite pair I have come across are these Vivienne Westwood jeggings a fabulous invention, a cross between leggings and jeans (told you I was behind).

I think they would be a fun addition to my jeans collection (which currently consists of 2 pairs, both black).
And to save some money, you could always buy a pair of black jeans from pri-mark and take some gold spray paint to them.
Or as an alternative Topshop has some really cool foil coated jeans and leggings.

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