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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


November 2011 – see someone walking down the street wearing flatforms – turn to friend and laugh – haha imagine we are all wearing them in 6 months time, they are awful – May 2012

£50.00 - Office - Mod Revival

£89.99 - Office - Undergrund Wafrun Creeper

£95.00 - Office - Undergrund Wafrun Creeper

I want them. I want them a lot. Casual enough to wear all day. Comfy enough to wear all night. High enough to make our legs appear longer. They are closer to platforms of the 70’s than platforms of 2010. They aren’t completely new either as Doc Marten has been working a similar thick sole since 1945.
£80.00 - Doc Marten
But is anything really new? Everything is inspired by something that came before it.
I laughed and I was wrong. Like so many other ‘new’ fashions, they are hard to accept at first, but I firmly believe we can make anything, that is flattering, fashionable. It's not unusual to see lady Gaga-esque stage outfit's on the high street. Outfit's that I probably thought were bonkers when I first saw her wearing them. Big shoulders ... Gothic style spikes ... Glitter ... metalic ... dip dyed hair. All of which I have now experimented with. And now I love flatforms. 



Wednesday, 22 February 2012

London Fashion Week - The Highs

So LFW is over!  
What did I love? (And what did I secretly not love?)
Loving – House of Holland

Striking colours, no need for cartoon like make up, the models looked beautiful and the clothes were left to speak for themselves. (Maybe a hat or two that I doubt will be on my must have list – although never say never)
Bora Aksu

I love the quilted affect some of the outfits had. The patterns/colours/shape are so feminine.
I would love to cycle down Buchanan Street wearing this outfit. (I promise I never will).

The leotard with tights look is a brave one, but the tights are perfectly opaque, and the sparkly detail is amazing. The figure hugging black velvet cocktail dresses are stunning, and the grey-tone chiffon skirts and dresses are so sophisticated yet flirty

London Fashion Week -the not quite highs

I wasn’t mad keen on Simone Rocha.

I like ill-fitting tops matched with very fitted bottoms or vice versa, but for me the outfits didn’t particularly flatter any part of the models figures.
For similar reasons I was on the fence over Corrie Nielsen

I appreciate the amount of time and craftsmanship that would have gone into these structures, however I feel that they have become sculpture more than fashion. I guess some would argue that they can be the same thing? However for me I prefer fashion to be something covetable, that I am desperate to get my hands on.

Although, to contradict myself, this outfit from Corrie Nielsen’s collection was probably one of my favourites from all the shows.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Texture and Structure

There has been a lot of structure and texture on the cat-walk recently. See Paco Rabanne’s fabulously flattering small waists and big shoulder. By cleaverly adding layers and details to everywhere apart from the waist, small waists are emphasised and curves are created.

David Koma’s s/s 2012 collection has been my favourite so far...

Bringing back the Aztec patterns for this summer in far more subtle colours has got me so excited about buying some new summer items. I know it’s only February, but I just can’t resist a summer wardrobe. I already have my mint green jeans on.


Sunday, 15 January 2012


When Company asked Alexa Chung to choose leather/denim/stripes, she opted for the reliable denim. I would have to agree. Don’t get me wrong I love my leather trousers, and some slimming vertical stripes are such a saving grace on a ‘fat day’, but denim has stood the test of time. I can’t remember a year, since I got it, when I haven’t worn my levis denim skirt, a denim jacket can instantly turn your favourite outfit for the clubs into the perfect attire for a day in the park, and although I have been a little late to discover the wonder of them, everyone I know has at least 3 pairs of jeans.
The S/S lines are hitting the shops already, and denim is everywhere. Pastel coloured skinnies, 70’s inspired skirts, animal print hot pants, oversized boyfriend jackets and also holiday must have playsuits seem to be popular with the high street.
Topshop, American Apparel, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Miss Selfridge.

I’m pretty sure my sewing skills are not quite good enough yet for me to make myself any of these items, so I will be heading to the charity shops and the wonderful markets of London to see if I can discover any similar items.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Inspired by the Velvet Revolution

I’m incredibly impatient, and with my Gran having donated so much material to me, I have been desperate to get sewing.
With my sewing class now over, I was a bit anxious about making a pair or trousers without the advice of my tutor. I had visions of blue velvet trousers, and with a night out planned on Friday, I was desperate to wear them. The only problem was I had never made trousers, and also never worked with velvet. I had a pattern for a pair of high wasited flares, which wasn’t quite I wanted, but I felt I could quite easily adapt it. Well it wasn’t so easy to adapt, and sewing in between the legs is harder than I thought. I just kept trying them on and adjusting them and here’s the result …

I think I did alright (I didn't go out with my hair like that, forgive the photo) …


Sunday, 4 December 2011

First sewing attempt!

I have been attending a sewing class for 8 weeks now. I had already made a few skirts before with my Grandma's old domestic singer, and wondered how people could make so many clothes so quickly. The class has allowed me access to industrial machines and they are so quick and easy to use. The finish you can get using an overlock machine is amazing. So much so, that my own overlock machine is on my Christmas wish-list. Please Santa?
I had been thinking about making a replica of the beautiful Topshop pencil skirt I posted about 18th September, however my Gran had donated about 3m of an amazing vintage tartan material, that she had bought almost 40 years ago, and I loved it so much that I new I had to use it.
So here is my first attempt.

I have never felt excited by clothes that I wear to the office, so never really buy anything new. I work full time and therefore spend more time in the office than I do out of it, so I feel it is time I start to dress in a way that makes me feel good. This skirt is smart enough and quirky enough to do just that. It’s a start!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Classic Red Tartan

Tartan reminds me of Christmas (or weddings, but mostly Christmas). At Christmas our house is decorated with Tartan ribbons, and the dining room table is covered with a red, tartan table cloth. If made traditionally, with woven wool, the material is heavy and warm. It is perfect for the winter months, and frost is already delaying my trains.
Alexander McQueen often referred back to his Scottish roots, one of his earlier shows in 1995 was entitled Highland rape, often misinterpreted, nevertheless intriguing audiences. Although Mr McQueen himself is tragically no longer around, Sarah Burton hasn’t failed to excited us, and this season has brought tartan back in a big way for McQ for Alexander McQueen.

McQ Alexander McQueen
Tartan Crop Zipper Skinny Trouser

These tartan crop trousers are so smart and make quite a statement. I also think they would be an investment. Tartan come back around year after year and the material is durable. I predict these will still be on trend in 30 years. Maybe my daughter/neice will have the same enthusiasm for them in 2041 as I have done in 2011.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Winter maxi.

I’m not sure why, but the maxi skirt, as day wear, just wasn’t really seen last winter.
Maybe we weren’t ready to stick boots where sandals should be. Or maybe we thought a big rain coat + floaty maxi wouldn’t exactly flatter our figures.

However this year, maxi’s and winter essentials, are all over the cat walks and on the high street.

Alice by Temperley’s faux fur take on the Russian hat, teamed with a vintage lace and embellished, formal gown, doesn’t look out of place at all, instead it makes the look far more wearable and edgy.

Paul and Joe gypsy skirt, £646.00, along with their wooly jumper in my opinion is the perfect way to work the maxi skirt in winter.
With a pair on brogues, or even bovver boots, you could definitely wear tights +jacket + gloves/hat/scarf etc, none of which would take away from the striking, glamourous appearance of the maxi.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Love for jeans!!

I know I’m a little late, but at 20 years old I have found my love for jeans!
It took me a while but I now see what everyone has been talking about. I always thought they looked great on others but had never managed to find a pair that I felt nice or comfortable in.
I loved wearing boys baggy jeans when I thought I was a skater. Turns out I can’t skate.

I then spent years trying on bootleg, straight cut, skinny’s from Topshop that barely fit past my knee, high waisted flares etc.
The first pair of jeans I bought in 6 years, are a pair of black wet look coated (forgiving) skinny’s from H&M. £15, and they fit everywhere. They slide over my disproportionately large calves (that still haven’t disappeared since my day’s as a high jumper), and have quite a high waist which I have learned is the most flattering fit for my figure.

Since then i have been broadening my jeans horizon. My favourite pair I have come across are these Vivienne Westwood jeggings a fabulous invention, a cross between leggings and jeans (told you I was behind).

I think they would be a fun addition to my jeans collection (which currently consists of 2 pairs, both black).
And to save some money, you could always buy a pair of black jeans from pri-mark and take some gold spray paint to them.
Or as an alternative Topshop has some really cool foil coated jeans and leggings

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Men's jackets


This D&G Grey Tweed Elongated Man Jacket, is the possibly the best way to work the boyfriend look. Not only will people assume he is extremely stylish, he would also have to be pretty wealthy, as unfortunately the jacket costs £565.00.

The boyfriend look has been around for forever, in various forms. I remember buying my first pair of male baggy levis jeans, with my girl boxers hanging out at the back, and I thought I was the coolest thing to enter the Carling Academy (I was 14 so it's perhaps forgivable). Last year we were all wearing tailored trousers with shirts, maybe some braces, and sometimes even a bow tie. It’s fun having two wardrobes, and it’s payback for when your boyfriend was constantly wanting to borrow your jeans as his Topman pair just weren’t skinny enough.


I love the colour and shape of this jacket from H&M, and hallelujah! It’s far more affordable at £99.99.
I like that the shoulders are quite broad, and it doesn't button up tight around the waist.
However it is actually made for a man, and although the boyfriend look is what we are going for here, sometimes the fit can be a bit frumpy, whereas the D&G jacket is tailored to a female figure.
There are plenty of more affordable female versions of the D&G jacket on the high street.Antiques!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kensington vs ALIBI Leather Chelsea.

Kensington Boot.

Although I appreciate that white is not the most practical colour for winter boots, and at £179.00 from Hobbs, also not the most appealing price, however I can’t help but stop and stare in the window every time I pass them, hoping that they might just jump through the glass window onto my feet.
Sadly though, even on payday these would be an irresponsible buy. So here is a more sensible solution.

ALIBI Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot.

At £50 from Asos and not white, this pair is far more wearable. They will go with everything, from tribal print oversized jumpers, to floral print vintage dresses.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A/W Topshop pencil skirts

I have been in Southeast Asia, far away from my daily e-mail updates from Urban Outfitters, Asos, MyWardrobe, Topshop etc. The most fashionable item of clothing that I could easily purchase there, was a pair of hareem pants with elephants on them, and EVERYBODY wore these elephant patterned Hareems.
I almost ran up Buchanan Street to Topshop on Monday at lunch time. Really, how much can I have missed in 5 weeks? Turns out a lot! The new key piece in our A/W wardrobes is apparently pencil skirts … I love it. And I particularly love this one. It will be my first buy come pay day. Perfect with little ankle boots when meeting the girls for lunch, or dressed up with heels for the Christmas party.

Friday, 15 July 2011


So ... Lucky me came across this Beauty, in an antique shop. It is an Aquascutum jacket custom made for the Great Britain Olympics team, Atlanta, 1996. Unfortunately I don't know which athlete it originally belonged to. It was bought, along with a lot of other signed football/rugby shirts, racecar driver suits etc, by a man who considered this to be worth £40 (fool). Before it hung in my wardrobe, it hung on the walls on Glasgow Sports Cafe (a place a coincidently used to work, best job ever). A truly rare find!
Saturday, 25 June 2011

When we were younger we used to go into our attic and play dress-up with all the amazing clothes that at some point belonged to our Mum, Grandma, various Aunts. Of course they looked ridiculous as we were about 5 and dissapeared inside them. As I got older and began to grow into them it was far easier to envision them as items that could quite comfortably be on a hanger in Urban Outfitters. This dress in particular was one of my favourites. Originally (I wish I had photographed it) it had these inflatable sleeves and the length was unflattering. With the print I thought it would be better to take away some material, so I got my Grandma (who is pretty handy with a needle and thread) to shorten it and to make the sleeves simple T-shirt sleeves. I have worn it to death.