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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Men's jackets


This D&G Grey Tweed Elongated Man Jacket, is the possibly the best way to work the boyfriend look. Not only will people assume he is extremely stylish, he would also have to be pretty wealthy, as unfortunately the jacket costs £565.00.

The boyfriend look has been around for forever, in various forms. I remember buying my first pair of male baggy levis jeans, with my girl boxers hanging out at the back, and I thought I was the coolest thing to enter the Carling Academy (I was 14 so it's perhaps forgivable). Last year we were all wearing tailored trousers with shirts, maybe some braces, and sometimes even a bow tie. It’s fun having two wardrobes, and it’s payback for when your boyfriend was constantly wanting to borrow your jeans as his Topman pair just weren’t skinny enough.


I love the colour and shape of this jacket from H&M, and hallelujah! It’s far more affordable at £99.99.
I like that the shoulders are quite broad, and it doesn't button up tight around the waist.
However it is actually made for a man, and although the boyfriend look is what we are going for here, sometimes the fit can be a bit frumpy, whereas the D&G jacket is tailored to a female figure.
There are plenty of more affordable female versions of the D&G jacket on the high street.

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