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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bliss Fabulips: guide to kissable and beautiful lips

Do you have plans for Valentine’s day? I’ve managed to persuade my boyfriend to take me to “the best steak restaurant in London”, the Hawksmoor. I not-so-subtly hinted by emailing him the link to the website, the time I would like to go and the bottle wine that would match my steak perfectly. I do feel he owes me though; his idea of romance is 50% off in Pizza Express! So I guess I should do my bit by making sure my pout is so primed and puckered  Angeline Jolie will be jealous! 

Mirror mirror on the wall? Who is the poutiest of them all? All hail Princess Pout, Angelina Jolie

And just in time Caroline Frazer, the Simple Skincare Expert and Celebrity Make-Up Artist, has devised the ultimate step by step guide to luscious lips, some of which are so fab I couldn't help but include for you:

“Perfecting our base is the first step for achieving smooth lips. Start by gently exfoliating your lips with a clean, dry toothbrush to remove dead skin cells and encourage circulation.”

“Next apply a lip balm to hydrate and create a smooth base for applying lipstick. Follow by choosing a lip liner that is one shade darker that your lipstick and apply carefully to create subtle definition and a strong foundation for your colour.”

Finally apply your lipstick or gloss. My top tip for achieving a full plump pout is to go for a pale nude or pink toned lip gloss or lipstick with a subtle shimmer finish as this reflects light and gives the illusion of fuller lips. Finish off with just a tiny dab of illuminator or radiance cream to the cupids bow for extra definition.” 

And with those tips in mind I set about experimenting with the new Bliss Fabulips set with enthusiasm. The set is super cute, if a bit expensive at £39, and promises to bring, “some much needed TLC to your kisser”. 

Bliss Fabulips set

Step one is a bubbling foam that lifts dirt and removes lipstick. Apply using your ring finger, wait for 30 seconds then rinse off. It absolutely did remove my lipstick however I wasn’t prepared for the odd taste – it’s very sickly sweet, just make sure you don’t swallow! Step two, three and four involve exfoliating, plumping and moisturising. I devoted an indulgent ten minutes for pure lip pampering with lovely results: my lips felt smooth, soft and cared for.

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