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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


November 2011 – see someone walking down the street wearing flatforms – turn to friend and laugh – haha imagine we are all wearing them in 6 months time, they are awful – May 2012

£50.00 - Office - Mod Revival

£89.99 - Office - Undergrund Wafrun Creeper

£95.00 - Office - Undergrund Wafrun Creeper

I want them. I want them a lot. Casual enough to wear all day. Comfy enough to wear all night. High enough to make our legs appear longer. They are closer to platforms of the 70’s than platforms of 2010. They aren’t completely new either as Doc Marten has been working a similar thick sole since 1945.
£80.00 - Doc Marten
 But is anything really new? Everything is inspired by something that came before it.  
I laughed and I was wrong. Like so many other ‘new’ fashions, they are hard to accept at first, but I firmly believe we can make anything, that is flattering, fashionable. It's not unusual to see lady Gaga-esque stage outfit's on the high street. Outfit's that I probably thought were bonkers when I first saw her wearing them. Big shoulders ... Gothic style spikes ... Glitter ... metalic ... dip dyed hair. All of which I have now experimented with.  And now I love flatforms.

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