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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Simple Repair Anti-Wrinkle Day & Night Cream

Living at Tower Bridge I have the luxury of having numerous Boris Bikes at my disposal. After a sunny Sunday afternoon where I persuaded my boyfriend to accompany me on a, at times treacherous, bike ride from Tower Bridge to Little Venice, I have become hooked. I boris bike to and from work, to yoga, to meet friends or to wherever I need to be in a hurry. Biking is the ultimate achievement as it ticks off a few points in my daily to-do list - exercise, try not to be late, avoid the tube at all costs. Although I am Boris's no.1 convert I do worry about the impact that biking in central London is having on my skin. Mornings spent behind double decker red buses while I hold my breathe to avoid swallowing the potent exhaust fumes combined with summer sun rays on my face has the potential to age my skin beyond it's years.

Over the past few weeks I have decided to take preventative measures by using Simple Repair Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and Simple Repair Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream (available from Boots, RRP £8.16 per cream). At the lower price end of the many anti-wrinkle creams but more expensive than a regular daily moisturiser, Simple's Repair range has received great reviews from bloggers, journalists and was recently featured on the Daily Mail beauty pages.

The creams promise to reduce wrinkles in just four weeks and contain UVA/ UVB protection. Fortunately I don't have many wrinkles to repair but I have really enjoyed using the thick cream. I have sensitive skin that can become quite dry but this has left my face feeling moisturised complete with a degree of protection against the harmful inner city elements.

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