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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yves Saint Laurent: Touche Eclat & Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare Limited Offer Duo

Touche Eclat is a luxury product I've admired from afar - the luxury price tag put it out of my beauty budget. However after reading so many positive articles about the fantastic new range of colours I couldn't resist giving my face over for demonstration to the YSL beauty girl who grabbed me as I browsed Selfridges. She insisted that I try the limited edition Touche Eclat & Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare Duo. Firstly she applied the Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare in small circular movements around my eye socket. Wand shaped with a small silver roller ball, enriched with arnica (which has decongesting and microcirculation activating properties) it feels deliciously cool and soothing. Next she applied Touche Eclat shade no.1 around my eyes and cheekbones. The duo gave great results - my skin looked smooth, even and brighter with just the right level of dewy, iridescence. When the YSL girl explained that the duo is on sale for a limited time only for £44.50, available from Selfridges, I was completely sold.  

Touche Eclat has a special place in the hearts of the beauty buying British - it is in fact the UK's No.1 Luxury Beauty Product; very quickly I realised the reasons for its success. The long gold wand shape makes the product portable and sleek. It can be slipped into a clutch bag, along with lip balm and eye liner - my personal night-out-facebook-photo-ready beauty essentials. I find myself wondering how I managed before as I use it for so many purposes - to cover blemishes, to lighten dark circles, to highlight my cheek bones. I love how it can be applied over make-up for a day to night look. I've also found that sometimes I use it in place of foundation when I'm in a hurry.

I realise I'm preaching to the converted as it is a product that's universally loved. However I would imagine that not everyone has tried Touch Eclat & Top Secrets duo. I love using them together, sometimes I put the Wake-Up Eyecare product in the fridge for an extra cooling, extra soothing sensation.

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