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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Classic Red Tartan

Tartan reminds me of Christmas (or weddings, but mostly Christmas). At Christmas our house is decorated with Tartan ribbons, and the dining room table is covered with a red, tartan table cloth. If made traditionally, with woven wool, the material is heavy and warm. It is perfect for the winter months, and frost is already delaying my trains.
Alexander McQueen often referred back to his Scottish roots, one of his earlier shows in 1995 was entitled Highland rape, often misinterpreted, nevertheless intriguing audiences. Although Mr McQueen himself is tragically no longer around, Sarah Burton hasn’t failed to excited us, and this season has brought tartan back in a big way for McQ for Alexander McQueen.

McQ Alexander McQueen
Tartan Crop Zipper Skinny Trouser

These tartan crop trousers are so smart and make quite a statement. I also think they would be an investment. Tartan come back around year after year and the material is durable. I predict these will still be on trend in 30 years. Maybe my daughter/neice will have the same enthusiasm for them in 2041 as I have done in 2011.

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