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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The power of argan oil: Melvita New Argan Oil Roll-On

Over the previous few years argan oil has become a buzz phrase in the beauty industry. The oil’s healing and nourishing properties have led to it being used across a variety of products including facial oils, firming lotions, hair conditioning treatments and cuticle creams. 

Liz Earle is a huge fan of the precious oil and she describes the moment she fell in love with it, “It was the best facial I’d ever received. I had to know more about the oil called the ‘gold of Morocco’.” Consequently, argan oil is now a key ingredient found in many products in her skincare range. 

In this month’s Elle magazine beauty writer Suzanne Scott tries and tests Superskin Concentrate Facial Oil by Liz Earle. The product contains organic rosehip, neroil, vitamin E and the healing argan oil. Suzanne describes how the oil affects her skin, “After two weeks, my skin is soft and looking clearer. In fact, when I don’t apply the oil for a night I notice I wake up puffy faced.” 

Argan oil has been used by the Moroccan people for hundreds of years in their daily routines.

It is sourced from the nuts of the rare argan tree and can be used in a number of ways including treating eczema, preventing ageing, soothing skin from sunburn and is even used in cooking. It is rich in essential fatty acids and omega-6 so is therefore nourishing, healing and extremely moisturising. 

Over the previous month I have been slipping the new Melvita Argan Oil Roll-On into my handbag. 

I’ve used the elegant glass tube on my lips, face and any areas I’ve felt are in need of some soothing, nourishing attention. My skin can be sensitive, especially in the winter months but Melvita’s Argan Oil Roll-On has proved the perfect antidote to any inflamed or dry patches. As the oil is precious and absolutely lovely to use I have been sparing with my applications – I really don’t want this gorgeous product to come to an end!

Melvita is a skincare brand that I really didn’t know much about however it’s one that I’ve quickly fallen in love with. They are a France’s leading ecological and organic beauty brand and have stores worldwide.

They first launched in the UK in 2010 with a gorgeous store in Covent Garden, amazingly the store has two beehives on the roof with 100,000 worker bees making delicious honey which can be purchased within the store! 

With the home made honey and a promise that at least 95% of ingredients found in all products are completely natural, Melvita is bringing a new meaning to the phrase “natural beauty”. 

For more information take a little look at the Melvita website:

Have you discovered Melvita? Or used argan oil? Please let me know.

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