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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Miss Piggy and MAC

I like to blog an honest product review or tell you about a beauty experience I’ve had but just this once I have to share the details of a delightful press release I received this week... Miss Piggy and MAC have collaborated.

A limited edition, online-only collection goes on sale on the 1st February. The Miss Piggy range contains a frosted pink eye shadow, £11.50, a black felt tip eye liner, £14.00, and dramatic false lashes, £10.00. The collection is loveable, feisty and fabulous and celebrates the release of the new Muppets movie on 10th February.

Miss Piggy is glamour personified; I just adore her brash, bossy and bold attitude. She’s dripping in diamonds and feather boas but also packs a mean punch. Nobody messes with Miss Piggy. In the MAC publicity shot Miss Piggy has gone for a dark elfin crop and appears to me to be channelling sixties chic. You must agree, the sugary sweet pink eye shadow teamed with defined, dramatic painted on lashes is pure Twiggy.  

Miss Piggy and Twiggy! Spot the difference!

But don’t let the make-up fool you, Miss Piggy’s metallic gold, shoulder padded, belted trench screams seventies power-woman. She is head to toe fabulous. I cannot wait to purchase a product from the collection; I think the lashes have my vote...!
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Any brand/celebrity/Muppet collaborations you particularly like at the moment?

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