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Sunday, 11 March 2012

pureDKNY a drop of verbena

Verbena is one of my favourite scents, just yesterday I was in L’Occitane dousing myself in their gorgeous Verbena Eau de Toilette. I love the crisp, fresh and lemony perfume; it reminds me of summer days and chilled prosecco. So I was excited to discover that DKNY has added a brand fragrance to their pureDKNY range: a drop of verbena.

But this isn’t just a fragrance; this is a “drop of goodwill”. I’m always a little suspicious of global brands that make charitable promises, it often sounds like marketing jargon or as if they have just appointed a new Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. But after watching the promotional video on the DKNY website fronted by model Angela Lindvall I was convinced that this really is a lovely, caring and positive campaign. 

pureDKNY is supporting CARE - a humanitarian organisation who provide financial supports to farmers in Uganda – by giving funds and by ensuring they conduct responsible and fair farming. So thank you DKNY for helping me to smell so delicious but also allowing me to, albeit indirectly, give a tiny little bit back to the Ugandan farmers who work tirelessly to harvest the essential ingredients found in some of my favourite scents.

Take a look at the video:

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